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Foreclosure is not the end. FM Asset Recovery helps homeowners all across America recover money that may be leftover from the foreclosure of their property.

Our Process

FM Asset Recovery Specializes In Locating And Recovering Possible Funds Remaining After A Property Foreclosure Sale. We Audit Legal Foreclosure Documents And Hundreds Of Government Agencies Throughout The Entire Country To Find These Funds.


First, we research the claim to discover who the legal claimant is. Then, we thoroughly research any other lien holders who could claim a portion or even all of the funds.


We will send you a few pages of documents to be signed. We then put the complete claims package together and file the claim with the proper agency. We cover all expenses and legal fees.


We continually follow up with the agency throughout the whole process to keep the claim moving forward and to respond to any additional requests made by the agency.


Once the agency approves the claim, we then notify you of the good news. The agency will send out a check and we will send you your funds within 10 days, or sooner.

You Must Act Fast to Recover These Funds Before the Deadline Expires!

FM Asset Recovery will do all the heavy lifting from start to finish throughout the whole claim process. We always work on a “Contingency” basis which means there are no upfront fees and we only charge a fee if and when we are successful. All costs and fees, including attorney’s fees, are paid from our company’s percentage of reclaimed money, with the client getting the largest share. If the claim is unsuccessful (very rare), the client owes us nothing.  Totally risk-free.

Ignore The Government Warning Signs

Many government agencies will warn you to avoid companies like ours, that charge a fee when you can recover your own missing funds, at no cost. While this may be true in some cases, please remember that there is more to the story that they are not telling you. The government will warn people not to work with us because they know it’s not an easy process. And, let’s face it, the government wants to keep these funds for themselves, or they would have just given it back as part of the original foreclosure process, right? Fm Asset Recovery LLC provides a valuable service for the public and we believe we earn this fee. However, we do not receive money until your claim has been paid.

How Much Will This Cost?

We never ask for a cent from you! There are no out-of-pocket money or upfront fees for our services! All recovery costs and fees, including legal costs throughout the entire claims process, are paid by FM Asset Recovery. We do receive a percentage of the reclaimed money, with you receiving the largest share – but only after your claim has been successfully paid. In the rare event that your claim is unsuccessful after doing our best, you will owe us nothing and we will absorb all expenses. We do all of the heavy lifting and we take all of the risks. It’s completely risk-free for you, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! What have you got to lose? All we ask for is your permission to process your claim for you.

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Common Frequently Asked Questions

FM Asset Recovery specializes in locating and recovering overages or surplus funds that result from a foreclosure sale. We then contact the rightful owner to help them recover those funds and get it back into their pocket.

When a property is sold at auction, sometimes it sells for more than what is owed to creditors and lien holders. We believe the difference should go back to the homeowner or their heirs. If this money is not claimed within the strict deadlines set by each state, then the money is forfeited to the government and cannot be recovered.

We regularly audit government agencies throughout the entire country for overage funds belonging to private citizens. Some States have more restrictions than others

Since we don’t charge an upfront fee, it is our policy to not disclose the location of the funds until an agreement is signed. Once our contingency fee agreement is signed, we will gladly disclose the location of the funds, file the claim, and keep you notified throughout the whole process.

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